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We’re your local Pittsburgh, PA safe and vault locksmith experts specializing in safe opening and repair services.

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Quality Lock is Western Pennsylvania’s premier safe & vault locksmith.

Put simply, Quality Lock knows safes and vaults better than any other local, and most national, locksmiths. Our certification, ongoing intensive training, and hands-on experience with safes of all brands and types set us apart from the competition; our reliability and affordability has earned us the reputations as Pittsburgh’s first choice for safe, vault, and container locksmith service.

We work on safes of the top brands in the industry and bring you the highest quality services available on the market today. Whether you have a Mosler, S&G or Amsec safe, to name a few.

We Service all types of safes for your home.

Every home should have a safe to protect valuables and safely store dangerous items, like guns and other weapons. More people than ever before are showing interest in home safes large and small. Once you find that perfect safe for your home, we can service the lock, change the safe combination, or drill it open if needed. Here at Quality Lock, we are proud to specialize in opening safes of all kinds including fireproof safes for important documents, jewelry safes, wall safes, and gun safes for homeowners in Monroeville and throughout the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

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We would love to tell you more about the wide range of safe locksmith services we offer. We’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision. Our safe experts will have your safe repaired and fully functional in no time.

Don’t wait until you experience a security scare to protect yourself. Reach out to us today to make sure your safes internal mechanisms, bolt work, bushings, locks, and handles are in top working condition.

Small home safe by AMSEC
AMSEC gun safe

Flat-Rate Pricing

We charge a flat rat (per lock) for opening GSA Red Label or Black Label units.


We're ALOA and GSA Certified

We are trained, licensed, and insured. We are GSA Inspector Certified Safe Locksmiths!


We Provide All Your Safe Services

Specializing in GSA safe, vault and file cabinet opening and repair as well as gun safe, fire safe and burglary rated safe cracking and restoring.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want happy customers and great feedback! Our high quality work speaks for itself.

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We’re Your Trusted and Trained Safe Cracking Specialists

Quality Lock is a safe and vault specialist that can open a locked safe if you’ve lost its key or combination. Opening or “cracking” safes requires a huge amount of knowledge in regards to drill points, lock alignment, glass re-locker location, and bolt work manipulation. Opening a vault, bank safe, or fire safe requires a high level of technical skill and experience, and our highly trained locksmiths have it.

Our certified professional locksmiths have the expertise needed to open virtuatlly all types of safes and vaults. Safe lock manipulation takes time, but it’s typically the best way to crack open a locked safe. Prying, cutting, or drilling are alternate measures that many locksmiths take, but we do our utmost to open a locked safe with a minimum of damage to your safe whenever possible. But if we must drill your safe, we have the capability to repair the safe lock and safe door so that there’s no visible damage. In fact, the safe will likely be in better condition when we’re done with the job.

The fact that we have more than 25 years of experience and a deep knowledge of safe and vault manufacturers and their products gives us an edge over our competition.

We’re Highly Trained and Certified

Quality Lock employs certified locksmiths and are members of ALOA and SAVTA. We are also GSA certified and bring our 25 years of experience to every job. As safe and vault experts, Quality Lock works to safeguard your valuables, personal information, and items like guns. We frequently open locked vaults and provide installation of new locks. Safeguarding your property and home or business is a top priority for you, and so it’s a top priority for us.

If you live in or around Monroeville, PA, and require open lock service or other professional locksmith service, we can provide you with cost-effective solutions to safeguard your car, home, or business. Don’t leave your security to a non-professional. We have the certification and experience needed to deliver the high-end service you deserve.

Your Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Call Quality Lock today and let our locksmith team go to work for you.

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