Google, Yellowbook, Ziplocal, Dex Media, Angie’s List and over 160 additional online directories are facing charges for violating U.S. and state laws, specifically, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO, The Lanham Act: Section 230 Federal Communications Decency Act, and Virginia H.B. 280.

Primary Plaintiff, Baldino’s Lock and Key, a family owned and operated locksmith serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC area since 1961, has filed a lawsuit against Google and multiple online directories to remove fraudulent business listings from their search results.

“My company has seen an $8.4 million decrease in revenue since search engines emerged as the go-to for consumer research,” says Mark Baldino, President and CEO of Baldino’s Lock and Key. “The presence of false online search results is devastating not only to my business, but consumers and companies nationwide.”

Mark’s lawsuits have garnered national and local media attention:

The New York Times 

The Washington Post

NBC’s Washington affiliate is graciously hosting the legal documents and they can be found here along with other information related to Mark’s legal battle .

The Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area aren’t the only places affected by this and that’s why all locksmiths should support Mark’s effort.

The outcome of these lawsuits affect every locksmith company in the United States. A win for Mark is a win for every locksmith; it will establish a legal precedent. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps.

Let’s help Mark by supplying him with the resources he deserves.

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