Why Use A GSA Tech?

GSA Tech is GSA Approved For Neutralization and Repair. Experts of GSA Approved Containers and Vault Doors.
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This standard establishes requirements for the neutralization and repair of GSA approved containers and vault doors. It provides the US Government with an economic alternative to replacing containers or vault doors that have been damaged from opening techniques used as a result of combination lock and bolt linkage failures. The opening and repair methods described in this standard have been designed specifically to balance the cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement while maintaining the security integrity of the container or vault door. To meet the goal of this standard, only properly trained and equipped personnel should attempt to perform the opening and repair methods described in this standard.

The General Services Administration (GSA) authorizes commercial training facilities specifically approved by GSA to provide hands-on training in these opening and repair methods.

Upon successful completion of this course, the GSA Certified Technician shall be capable of opening the locked-out container or vault door using one of the approved methods contained herein without creating any additional vulnerabilities. The security integrity is only restored if a GSA Certified Technician strictly adheres to the methods contained within this Standard.

Any deviation to the opening and repair methods outlined in this Standard will require GSA approval before a recertification can be authorized.

The opening and repair methods described in this federal standard can be hazardous to the technician and the office environment, requiring full knowledge of safety equipment and procedures. In some cases it may be necessary to move the security container to a safe and secure area before attempting the opening and repair methods described in this standard.

Flat Rate Pricing

I flat-rate my opening price, per lock, for opening GSA Red Label or Black Label units.

What's Included?

This price includes a service call, labor, carbide bits, Diamatip™ core bits and the knowledge of FED-STD-809B as guidance.

Safe Repair

There is an additional cost to repair the breached unit to conform to FED-STD-809B to return it to service.

Safe Repair Cost

The additional cost includes inserting a carbide pin, welding, grinding, puttying and painting the unit.
When you need to have your GSA Safe Inspected, we’re here to help.

General Services Administration, or “GSA”, safes are the benchmark safes in the security industry. GSA approved safes are widely used by the federal government, government agencies, military, and by government contractors.

Quality Lock is a certified expert GSA Tech and GSA Inspector providing opening and drilling services for all GSA Red Label or Black Label units currently on the market. We have a flat-rate, per-lock price which includes the service call, labor, carbide bits, Diamatip core bits, to go along with almost three decades knowledge and experience.

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Safe Technician

We are highly trained to be able to inspect containers and vault doors. We can also work on your home or commercial safe. Utilize our expert locksmith services for all your security needs.


GSA Drilling & Repair

Is your GSA Container locked or malfunctioning? It’s time to call. We will gain entry with little damage and repair the container to its original condition.


GSA Container Servicing

If your GSA approved container is acting strange, it may be time for a servicing. Call us for regularly scheduled maintenance.


GSA Recertification Inspections

When we resort to forced entry of your GSA container, we will need to re-certify the container. When you call Quality Lock, we can do handle that.

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